Who are we?

Our Mission

Advocating for a world that is free from Greenhouse Gases with NetZero emissions and promoting food and water security by leveraging the appropriate subject matter experts and all other stakeholders to benefit future generations.

Our Vision

To be the premier NGO with both the knowledge and the expertise, in the restoration of damaged ecosystems, protection of the rights of indigenous people, the development of environmental protection legislation, and food and water security.

Our Values

Integrity, Trust, Morality, Team work and Unity.


The advent of the climate crisis, the world needs to speak in one voice and work together. As such, defeating this crisis will be impossible. The late and Honourable Nelson Mandela, stated “it’s only impossible until it is done”. We at Envirodefenders are driven, by the triple bottom line, People, Planet and Profit. Our engagement, is to advocate for a world that is free of greenhouse gases and food and water security. There are technologies available to grow food in a sustainable fashion, and therefore this would equate to zero hunger and poverty.

Board of Directors

Laurette Seegobin

Kirk Cumberbatch

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